The Plan

To be honest, up until this point I haven’t been the biggest supporter of any type of detox program. I hear the word ‘vegan’ and cringe. I’m not the best at talking about food intake with anyone other than my mother, and I put this down to a life-long panic that those around me are judging my weight. Then again, I am a girl after all and not unlike many others.

Just recently I was reading a magazine which had published an article about Sarah Wilson and her ‘I Quit Sugar’ phenomenon. As I read about her physical and mental states prior to quitting sugar, I found myself nodding along to a lot of what she was saying. She didn’t preach or force her views; she simply shared her experiences and promoted a ‘try and see what it’s like’ approach.

A few hours later I had ordered her first and second books. I was hooked and I didn’t even know what it was all about.


The first book arrived in the mail yesterday. I have already started reading and haven’t yet baulked at what I am expected to do. I like that it doesn’t suggest to go cold turkey on sugar immediately. Laugh all you like but I plan on starting Monday. After all, I am currently on holidays and need to prepare my mind for the change.

I found myself reading many things in the beginning pages, aloud to my Mum who seemed intrigued from the beginning. My hope is that she will become my ‘IQS friend’, as recommended by Sarah. Cross your fingers for me.